The South Line

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The South Line

The second-built of the Railway Company’s lines is characterised by more varied landscape and gradients, with different building styles at the stations, and a “standard” wooden structure being installed at Santon, Ballasalla and Colby (the former still being extant today).  The terminus building at Port Erin station forms the focal point of the village, and a similarly impressive structure exsits at nearby Port St. Mary, although this is currently empty for the most part.  the running line stretches for just under 16 miles, with a highest point of 588 feet above sea level.  What follow are histories and details of each of these stations and stopping places:-

1 Douglas
2 Port Soderick
3 Ballacostain
4 Santon
5 Ballasalla
6 Ronaldsway Halt
7 Castletown
8 Ballabeg
9 Colby
10 The Level
11 Port St. Mary
12 Port Erin

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