The Ramsey Line

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By far the most spectacular of the island’s lines, the ambitious northern section caused headaches throughout its lifetime, most notably the exposed section at Gob-Y-Deigan and the embankments nearby.  The majority of major stations on the northern line were constructed of local sandstone which has a distinctive pink-red colour; notable exceptions were the terminus building in Ramsey which was Italian in style and the unusual design of Sulby Glen, itself a replacement station.  The longest of all the lines in the network, it was perhaps the one with the most points of interest, such as the viaducts at Glen Wyllin and nearby Glen Mooar, as the quayside extension at the terminus and short-lived oil tanker sidings at Milntown in the last years of its life.

1 Peel Road (Poortown)
2 St. Germain’s
3 Gob-Y-Deigan Halt
4 West Berk Level Crossing
5 Glen Mooar Viaduct
6 Glen Wyllin Viaduct
7 Kirk Michael
8 Bishop’s Court Halt
9 Ballaugh
10 Ballavolley
11 Sulby Glen
12 Sulby Bridge
13 Lezayre
14 Milntown Oil Siding
15 Ramsey Station

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