The Peel Line

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This section details the stations and halts on the first line opened by the Railway Company from Douglas to Peel in 1873.  The structures which dotted the route of this line were varied and there was no one dedicated style as would later be seen on the other lines.  The line, although scenic, was largely flat and gave the locomotives less work to do than the Port Erin line that was to follow a year later.  The station buildings at Crosby and St. John’s were however of the same design.  What follows is a summary of each of the stations along this line, with details of opening and closure dates, distances from Douglas Station and other items of interest.  Although it is largely accepted that the Peel Line was closed by Lord Ailsa in 1968, the line did not close to goods traffic until the following year, and the tracks were not lifted, nor associated buildings demolished until 1975.

1 Pulrose Crossing / Pulrose Bridge
2 Quarter Bridge Halt
3 Braddan Bridge Halt
4 Union Mills
5 Crosby
6 Ballacraine Halt
7 St. John’s
8 The Knockaloe Branch
9 Peel

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